Angela Nicole

2002-01-15 03:35:57 (UTC)

A little about me

I know that last entry is not a good way to introduce
myself But, I just had to get that off my chest.. OK I'm
Angela Nicole, hope you guys figured that out already!! Im
17 from TX.. I used to live in Oregon.. It's WAY BETTER
THERE!! There isn't a whole lot to do here.. Mostly party,
hangout with friends, and party some more, OH YEAH THE MOST
I'm a pretty outgoing person or maybe I just like to
think of myself that way, easy to get along with, love
poeple, the ocean is MY FAVORITE place to be, Partying is
always nice, and MY BABY...
I get pretty good grades I guess A's and B's for the
most part. plan on going to college and major in business.
So see im not totally fucked in the head like I'm sure you
guys are thinking I am.. Thats just a little about me so
you will know who you are reading about..