Angela Nicole

2002-01-15 03:15:56 (UTC)


I havent talked to my boyfriend in like 2 days, and he still
isn't coming home tonite.. NOT FAIR!! Usually I wouldn't
mind but I have something to tell him...Ok check this out
I'm a big girl always have been and probably always will be
for my whole life =( I have tried dieting, running,
drinking water the whole nine yards and nothing works.. SO
I got this brillant Idea .. I know y'all are gonna thinks
this is stupied. I dont think its the BEST Idea I have ever
had either BUT.. Im gonna do COKE!! To MAKE me lose
weight.. I know stupied and yeah I'm 17 so your just
thinking im dumb but I'm gonna do it.. I have to cuz Im so
unhappy with myself its not even funny. Im 5'4 235lb I hold
my weight pretty well and I'm not ugly at all.. Just my
size really bugs me. I think I would be alot happier if I
lost the weight. My only problem is telling my boyfriend..
I know he will not take it good at all probably FREAK OUT
IM SURE.. He is a great guy Love him with all my heart and
then some.. But somehow I'm just gonna have to make him see
I have to do this. It will be a fight I'm sure But I always
win and he knowns that. So what should I do? Guess just get
the balls up and tell him right..I haven't started to do
it.. I still got to get the balls up to do it myself.. I'm
not a hugs fan of drugs.. I mean I have rolled a few times
but nothing serious.. I guess I will just have to wait to
see how he reacts till I can decied any further.. Talk to u