casey vespa

street knife fight
2002-01-15 02:23:35 (UTC)

bow chicka bow wow

hey ho lets hey. its monday. go monday. rock on.
no no, im totally full of b.s...DONT go monday. DONT rock
on. im looking at this totally crazy rad picture of
myself...haha. its hilarious. im like, all makeupy and
wearing a leopard coat for gooseness sakes...cha. cool?
hhhyea. yeah im a cool one. im looking like im, like,
DRUGGED or all sexual or something. haha...ok enough about
meeeee. "enough about me lots talk about you for a minute,
enough about you lets talk about life for a while..."
haha...alanis morisette. back in the day yo. so today,
today was a short day at school. yes! shoooort dayyyyy!
and i got to hangout at petron's house (um, that would be
peter's house folks...) and with this rad guy who is
YOUNGER than me and who i am developing a crush on. awwww.
how cute, im a lameo. awwww. well TOO BAD. he is cute (yes
yes!) and he is fun, and he is nice, and he is sarcastic.
sarcastic you ask? yes, sarcastic. i have a thing for guys
with a trace of sarcasm and a touch of ass-holeness
running through them. its such a turn-on for me...haha im
so odd...but that is just a little crush. a stupid thing
that will probably last, ohhhh, a week or two.
So. Me. Guys. Guys? ::insert grumpy/confused face:: so
yeah. i guess im really stupid...or just am really good at
pretending to be completely OVER something and actually
just push it into the far recesses of my brain. ::sigh::
this guy...i just dont know what my deal is...its not like
i even KNOW him really, i mean, talking to someone a few
times in actual life and online occasionally counts for
very little. and its just great when people interfere with
your life and make you look like the biggest
idiot...jeeeeeez. so im just a little angered. my interest
in brian is slowly leaving me, and i cant help but notice
other people, especially a particular one. im such an
obvious staring sort of person too...i feel completely
ridiculous...but why? what is with this interest?? i
just...dont...KNOW! argh!!! eh...ill just let it go. like
i did before. no big deal. just scar myself somewhere
inside. ill feel it later...but as for right now i just
dont know what to do...

*heart is on the floor, why dont you step on it...*