Where's the light at the end of the
2002-01-15 02:22:42 (UTC)

Whew what a weekend.

So, if anyone has been actually reading this, you'll know
that I generally go to lunch with my friend every day, I'm
unemployed and a fulltime student. I formerly worked
fulltime for over two years in a factory while attending a
rather difficult school fulltime. However, I was fired in
May for lame reasons that is a story I'm sick of telling.
Anyway, so, Friday was turning into a bummer of a day as my
loan check still hadn't come in and I was sick of borrowing
money from my lunch friend. He generally paid for every
meal that I ate for lunch for the past month or so. (He
still works at the factory I was fired from). Anyway,
before leaving campus I met with a professor who had been
pressuring me to join the M.S./B.S. program where I can get
a Master's degree within a year of obtaining my bachelor's
degree by applying two undergraduate courses towards my
Master's and taking two graduate courses before obtaining
my Bachelors. I was starting to think about it because it
would save money and my loans are already up around $50,000
even with making $42K the year before. College costs are
insane and I enhaced it by splurging a lot of money while
working. Anyway, I decided to sign up for a graduate
course which I just got out of... Back to the story though,
on my way down to meet for lunch, my friend called me to
ask if I wanted a job. I guess as he was walking into the
restaurant/bar, a worker was on the phone, calling to
quit. They offered me the job before I had even sat down.
It was pretty cool. One condition was applied, I had to
start that night. So, it was around 3PM and they wanted me
to come in for 5PM. So, needless to say, desperate for
money, I agreed. Well, this weekend has been crazy as a
result. I worked from 5-11:30PM on Friday, then went out
for a couple of drinks, worked noon - 11:30 on Sat. and
finally on Sunday I was on my own! I worked from 11AM-11PM
and from 2PM - closing, the kitchen was closed and had full
control of the bar and was the only employee in the
building, it was pretty fun. I even closed up by myself (I
guess they trust me not to steal a bunch of alcohol or
money, if they let me do that on my own on my third day of
working.) They were going to leave someone to close with
me, but decided I could handle it. I'll find out tomorrow
if I screwed anything up... hehe. Anyway. so I slept
through class today in the morning and returned home to
take another long nap before returning to campus for the
graduate course, Computational Fluid Dynamics, which should
be quite difficult and highly interesting. I hope to enjoy
it. Also, in case you didn't know, these trips to class
aren't short, I live 35 miles from my school and the
commute can take between 35mins and up to over an hour.
Anyway, it was an exciting weekend and promising for the
future. A bit tiring as a result though. I've got work to
do now though... so ciao....

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