No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-01-15 02:01:06 (UTC)

I hate you

yeah this poem sucks, but i dont care i'm confused badly.

I Hate You

I hate you,
You’re awful,
I don’t know why I put up with you,
I can’t stand the lie and games.

Then again,
You’re a “friend”,
I just need time to think,
Time to figure things out.

I love you,
But you don’t know,
You wont know,

I know you have an idea,
And so do I
But we might as well forget it.

You don’t know me,
None of you will,
You never will,

I’ll let you walk all over me,
Push all the wrong buttons,
But I’d hate to be you when I blow up.

I really wish no one knew me,
I wish life was easier,
Things weren’t so confusing.

I wonder what life would be without me,
How people would lives there lives,
Hopefully I make an impact.

You hate them one day,
Love them the next,
You’re afraid to let go,
Afraid you’ll be lost.

It’ll happen one day,
You know it will,
So why do you try to hold on still?

I don’t like your lies,
I hate your games,
I don’t like how you treat me,

I love you all.
In different ways,
I’ll tell you if you ask,
But things will always be the same.

~Ashley Bott