No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-01-15 01:52:08 (UTC)

so sick, so confused

I'm so confused, so sick of people, i'm so mad and full of
eomtion i can't even write a poem, and poems are easy for
me, I'm afraid people would take it the wrong way. I don;t
know I'm sick of the games, sick of my head, sick of my
heart, sick of my feelings, sometimes i wish ihad no
feelings at all, but i don't really mean that. I can't tell
anyone anything. I try to tell my "best friend" and the
whole world finds out. I can tell my other best friend
stuff and he's pretty good about keeping it secret. But i
just don't know, i don't wanna get all girly and scary on
him. lol. there are so many things I want to tell people,
but i don't. at least i can tell my sister some things. i'm
sick of the lies 9i'm not perfect i lie too) I'm sick of
the un faithfullness, i'm sick of it all. I kinda wish i
were somewhat normal, but it'd take the fun out of things.
I've been good I really have. I havent lost my temper.
Jessica is mad at me but she needed to hear what i said and
there is so much more to be said. lol, i'm gunna write a
poem. i'll post it soon

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