A Closed Mind is An Open Book
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2002-01-15 01:47:40 (UTC)


*sigh* my head finally feels better. Ive felt bad all day.
It just happened to get worse by the time I got home. I
need to do my homework. Anyway... today... today... GRRR! I
miss Robbie *whines* I wish I was in his arms right now so
he could rub my shoulders and kiss my forhead and my cheek
like he was doing at lunch because I felt perfect in his
arms. *pouts* I got a job... yay??? I really dont want a
job. That's less time I get to talk to Robbie. But I need
one if I want a new prom dress, if I want to pay my mom
back the $90 from that infection I got a few weeks ago, if
I want gas in the car, if I want to get out of this hell
hole. Speaking of hell holes, I'm in the bathroom puking my
guts out because of the migrain that finally went away and
when I walk out of the bathroom my bitch mother has to
say "so you're pregnant." and I was like "no, i have my
period, I'm not pregnant." and she says "then why were you
throwing up?" and my dad says "havent you ever thrown up
when you werent pregnant?? she's got a migrain." so I just
shook it off and went in my room to let it go away. Which
it finally did and now im just waiting for robbie's mom to
finish talking to dennis so I can talk to Robbie cause I
love him and I miss him and I want to hear his voice and
kiss him and hug him and be in his arms. I feel bad though
cause I wont get to spend as much time talk to him starting
next week. Thats really gonna suck. :( But it will be ok
cause I love him and he loves me and we can get through

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