can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-01-15 01:45:20 (UTC)

semi and shit

alright, brief deal on semi. i don't give a shit if sardou
goes or not. i want him to, but he doesn't want to so i'm
not going to push him. corrine is like flipping out at him
for not going, and i really just want her to mind her own
damn business! i'm not really mad, i know she means it in
all best interests, but even still...
joined a capella today. eh. i mean, i definitley want to do
it, i go anyways! but i'm sooo self concious about my
voice!! its the only thing i'm not really confident about,
so i'm making an effort to overcome it. sorta. also, i like
the songs!
ow, my head hurts. go and watch daria now.