Jessey's Diary
2002-01-15 01:16:55 (UTC)

The Life of the Frustrated...

Yikes! I can't believe that my freshman year in high school
is almost over! So much has happened! I mean, my sister and
brother and I are getting along, and so are my mom and me!
My father and I on the other hand... not so good. Oh, well,
it figures, huh? My family is just strange like that.
Anyway, I have 4 classes, and next year I will probably
take 5. But, that is just stuff.
My life is actually only frustrating about 9/10 of the time, at least
compared to my friend Lizzie. The most frustrating part, at least
this week, is homework, namely my honors classes, and the fact that
my mom's mom, my grandmother, is coming on Friday. We don't exactly
get along. I sort of kind of rebelled majorly, and she doesn't like
it. See, my mom's whole family is Roman Catholic, including my mom.
My dad and sister don't believe in organized religion. My brother is
Chrtistian. And I... well, my best friend Gwen and I both went sort
of the opposiste direction from our Catholic falmilies- we're
Wiccans. If I had gone Christian or something, my grandmother would
have at least understood. But since I went for witchcraft, and I have
rebelled against everything she and the rest of my family has ever
known me to be. What they'll never understand is that they never saw
me, actually saw me, before now. If they had, they would see that I
was always me. See, that is my one rule in life- ALWAYS BE YOURSELF.
And I always have been and always will be 100% myself.
I have to go.