Death to all
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2002-01-15 01:10:44 (UTC)


You're my one true friend
Always there for me
but what if this was the end?
How would my life be?

Without you in my life
I just wouldn't know what to do
because I know in my heart
I'd be lost if I lost you

Oh I know you'd be in a better place
because heaven shall be so fine
I don't know if you need me in your life
but I sure as hell need you in mine

You're my soul-best friend
Always true and caring
and as I sing this song
I can feel my heart slowly tearing..

I'll never forget
Every word you say and thing you do
and I will--no matter what--always...always....
Always...love you.


I wrote this song (lol, I know it's lame) last
night...about my best friend. I don't know. We had a
really great talk...and....I don't know. I just felt as
though I needed to put how I felt about our conversation
into words... It was sad... but...I don't know. I'm not
very good at putting my feelings into words...or writing
songs...but I think that it sounds pretty when I sing it
(even though I have a horrible voice...bah.)

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