Never Ending Rain
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2002-01-15 01:04:52 (UTC)


*What time is it? 6:30
*Pets? I have 4 dogs
*Tattoos? None I don't think I want to get one though
because I don't want to have a tattoo when I am old and
*Do you love your job? Bagging grocerys at Randalls? umm
not especially
*Favorite thing to do? Layout on the beach and have Kevin
rub lotion on my back
*Been to Europe? Hah I am too poor I wish!
*Croutons or Bacon bits? Croutons I'm vegetarian
*2 door or 4 door? I want a mustang so 2 door
*Coffee or Ice cream? Coffee, ice cream makes my teeth hurt
*Blanket or stuffed animal? Neither I have never really
attached to anything
*dumper or dumpee? both
*lucky #: 8
*Salad dressing? well I like Olive Garden's dressing a lot
but other Italian dressing I don't really like so I guess
*Favorite place to be kissed? my neck yummy
*Favorite movie? Matrix
*Favorite quote from a movie? Stop trying to hit me and hit
*Favorite holiday? New Years
*Favorite food? Cookie Dough
*Favorite day of the week? Friday (movies night)
*Favorite song? I dunno too many but my fav band is Green
*Favorite tv show? Simpsons I'm watching it now!!
*Favorite toothpaste? anything on the counter but not that
gross bubble gum crap
*Favorite flower? Lillys
*Sport to watch? Baseball
*Last hospital visit? When my niece was born
*Favorite drink? anything carbonated
*What do you think of oija boards? I don't want to offend
anyone but I think that stuff is absolute crap but if it
works for you whatever floats your boat
*Where do you see yourself in 10 years? out of college and
married to Kevin
*Boyfirend/girlfriend? Kevin
*What was the best dream you've ever had? hmmm.. like I am
gonna tell you
*What do you do when you get bored? go to Judy's house
*What word or phrase do you use most often? "Oh, crap" I am
always in trouble at school
*Most annoying thing? titty twisters ouch
*Best thing? scary roller coaster well that's not the best
*Favorite cereal? Lucky Charms
*Favorite car? Mustang
*Favorite color? yellow
*What time is it now? 7:00

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