J's Journal
2002-01-15 00:59:27 (UTC)

my dreams

In dreams I walk with you.
The sun shines perfectly upon the waters, of a shallow
little brook.
The clouds float slow and low in the sky.
It's almost as if we could reach out and touch one.
Every sound we hear is soft, like natures lullaby.
Your arms are strong but gentle.
Your eyes are dark, but yet so transparent that you cannot
hide the hurt hidden deep inside.
I try to find it, and take it away, but I can't.
You won't let me.
For reasons I cant understand, you hold on to it.
Your smile is warm, and yet so frigid at times.
You take my hand and dance along the waters edge.
Words are whispered in my ear.
Thoughts are racing through my head.
That's when you let go.