Inside my mind
2002-01-15 00:50:28 (UTC)

The worse day ever...

Today was so the worse day ever. First my best friend loses
the ball to my belly button ring. Like I was tighting it n
it fell off, but I caught it, so I handed it to her to
hold. I told her specifically not to drop it n what do ya
know she does? Drops it. We couldn't find it. And still
can't. The worse part is that it's my mom's. But my mom
found another barbell of hers that I could have, /c mine
broke on Saturday. Then everything was down hill f/there. I
bombed an History exam, the school's internet was down. And
to top it all off. My last ex-boyfriend,that I was totally
madly in love with-n-graduated last year, was standing
across f/my locker. He was watching every move I made even
everything I said to all my friends. I was soo freaked out
that later I went back down to my locker to check it all
out. But it's all good now I guess since I've been talking
to Josh for like ever on msn messenger. LoL I guess that's
it as far as my day goes. So I'll catch yal later.