AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2002-01-15 00:17:46 (UTC)

No ReGreTs... i got outta school early today to go to the
orthodontist. well good news, my next appt. is friday and i
dont go to school cuza that. and they will take my mouth
molds, and then my next appt after that (feb. 19th) i will
get my braces off!!! wahoo!!!!!! this is greatttttt. its
right after my 16th birthday tho, so that sux that i wont
get it off before that. but oh well, theyre coming off and
i am overjoyed.

the frosh n jv girls bball girls seem to be coming into
conflict, thank god i escaped it and hung out w/ mike n
aaron in the hallway. and then we found andrew, and me mike
n andrew went home together. aarons such a sweet kid, i
dont know why so many people seem to be annoyed by him.

well hmm i dont know what else to say. volleyball was fun
today, too bad i have a chem lab tomorrow, i cant wait to
play v-ball again. i have a game away at manalapan
tomorrow. and then home on wed. against st.rose.....and joe
filled me in that james wanted to surprise me n show up at
that game, n im like NOOOOO cuz that team will kill us.

friday i dont have a game, yesssss. and im not going to
school. yesssss. i am gonna chill around the house all day
and then wen everyone gets home from school,i'll load my
video cam. and me n marisa r partying at corey n robs w/
andrew like our usual friday nights. its usually alotta
fun. i am content w/ my life right now. i love life.....its
ups n its downs....its so exciting.......I AM HAPPY

Current Music: "Keasby Nights" -Catch22........."No
Current IM's:
theresthisgirl: hey there
SlamminShanen: thnx for LEAVING ME BEFORE
theresthisgirl: yo baby, you slammin
SlamminShanen: sigh
SlamminShanen: whats up
theresthisgirl: ahh
theresthisgirl: sorry
theresthisgirl: i d/led a virus
theresthisgirl: and i had to cut off my internet
theresthisgirl: and crap
theresthisgirl: to stop it
theresthisgirl: otherwise it was gonna send all my info out
SlamminShanen: oooh i see
theresthisgirl: and i cam back and you were gone
theresthisgirl: and im sorry
theresthisgirl: and i love you
SlamminShanen: how can i resist ur charm
SlamminShanen: so whats up
theresthisgirl: lol
theresthisgirl: not much
theresthisgirl: diong a book report
SlamminShanen: oooh
theresthisgirl: talking to eveeeeeeeee
SlamminShanen: oOooOOooOoooo
SlamminShanen: very very cool
theresthisgirl: quite chilly isnt it
SlamminShanen: not really
SlamminShanen: im still hot
SlamminShanen: i had bball
theresthisgirl: hehe
theresthisgirl: get it t
SlamminShanen: huh
SlamminShanen: i got my neck stuck in my jacket zipper!
SlamminShanen: and it really hurts
SlamminShanen: and the jv n frosh bball team got in like a
rumble in the team room
theresthisgirl: lol
SlamminShanen: and i escaped
theresthisgirl: that sucks
theresthisgirl: lol
SlamminShanen: and then i found aaron n mike n andrew
SlamminShanen: so i had to hide w/ boys who were talking
about getting w/ girls
SlamminShanen: for awhile
SlamminShanen: and then i ended up giving mike n andrew a
ride home, so....umm ya thats my day
theresthisgirl: lol
theresthisgirl: funfunfun
SlamminShanen: guess what I'M listening to
SlamminShanen: "I kno ive got what it takes...."
SlamminShanen: (hint)
theresthisgirl: arthur
SlamminShanen: very good
theresthisgirl: :-)
theresthisgirl: i know my stuff
SlamminShanen: u def. do'
theresthisgirl: soo
SlamminShanen: sooo'
SlamminShanen: talk 2 me baby
theresthisgirl: lol
theresthisgirl: hmm
theresthisgirl: i dont know
SlamminShanen: my my my how the time goes by wen u kno ur
gonna die by the end of the nighttttt
SlamminShanen: hey! hey! hey!
theresthisgirl: lol
SlamminShanen: lol
SlamminShanen: u kno that song too?
SlamminShanen: its so fast, its awesome
theresthisgirl: catch 22
SlamminShanen: yupp
SlamminShanen: sean got me hooked in 8th grade
theresthisgirl: i know everything shanen
SlamminShanen: n i 4got
SlamminShanen: n i am liustening to all my old music
SlamminShanen: yes yes i kno
SlamminShanen: JOE KNOWS ALL
SlamminShanen: ahhh dumbfounded!
SlamminShanen: i forgot that that band existed
theresthisgirl: lol