emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-01-15 00:10:18 (UTC)

home for the day

woohoo! i got to stay home today! haha my mum left me
thomas and chloe because "we all need an off day" as she
put it. haha. so then i went on to tell her about my 4th
and 6th bell adventure. i just had to. i feel much better

im listenin to 'punch me softly' from when sparks fly.
pretty good. i think i might go to the show on friday.

and the next friday river city high is comin to richmond. i
reallly wanna go to that show. maybe nicole will wanna go
since she knows that band and wants to go to richmond.

and today was alright.

i talked to adam amost all day. it was good though.

and he does like me. and i like him. i dont know whats
going to happen now. i dont wanna rush into anything. but i
dont want him to think that i dont like him. because i do.

and im gonna go read so ill write more later.

later on- stef