My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-01-15 00:09:10 (UTC)

An Actual Entry...

Now that i'm making an ACTUAL ENTRY, i'm feeling a lot
better. lol. eh, this is some stuff about me i guess, i'm
Kara Jo (14), and my best friends are Kelly and Becca. Kel
went to WMS and Becca was a Beiner, she goes to my church.
We're all freshman at WaCoHi. I have a lot of close
friends but these are the people you'll probably be seeing
the most. i have a pretty normal suburban family, i've got
a little brother Matt who's a 12-year-old, 7th grade
maniac, and my little doggie, Tippy, who's a Jack Russel
Terrier. Today was the first day of the new semester at school.
Instead of having gym 0 hour and Speed Reading 5th hour, i
have OTT 0 hour and gym 5th. OTT doesn't seem THAT bad, and Mrs.
Venturi seems nice, contrary to prior belief. Mr. Facker
is bascially the coolest gym teacher ever, Well, besides
Mr. Snyder. He was kick tush too.

In English today, Becca got to join us, hehe. new student haha! We
watched those vidoes Mr. Madsen made of the freshman
classes this year (and of the one's of the Junior class too), they
we're SO funny! It's cool he's making those videos for
when he retires. He is the most awesome teacher ever! i
wish he didn't have to leave in a couple years... We
changed seating and now i sit where Amy used to sit. I can
talk to Heather ok but i'm not really that close to any
other people, but i can SEE sam kara & becca, lol, but
that's about it.

i had to ride the bus home today, i'm not
to fond of it these days. although it's only Monday's and
Friday's i have to ride... i have nothing to do!!! Julianne
doesn't talk to me, but that's no big surprise, i don't know what
happened, best friends for years, and all of a sudden, she
goes and makes new friends, which is fine with me i don't mind, in
fact, I've dont that myself... but don't change later on into
something your not.

i'm still angry with her for thinking that i was trying to be
rude to her. When i told her that when Becca & kel & i hang out and
don't invite andyone else, it's INTENTIONAL. we'd rather be alone.
we like to have down-time with each other and chill and forget about
every single kink in or lives. Being "rude" was FAR fom my
intentions. twisting my words into something that i didn't say is
something that i'm too fond of (one of my biggest pet peves in
fact). yet STILL she argues with me, and doesn't let me explain, but
hey, that's all normal

i'm going to stop trying to make an effort when basically,
SHE'S not trying. obviously, it's NOT working anymore. if she
want's to talk, she has to come to me. i'm not following her around
like a silly puppy dog for the rest of my life. I will live my own
life thank you.

Later days,
Kara Jo