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2002-01-15 00:00:09 (UTC)

i forgot what i was going to say!

i had a good day today..everything class went by fast..i
feel a little embarressed because in the middle of lunch,
with a coke in one hand and a burito in the other, i
turned and asked a few people if it was lunch already..i
thought that it was nutrition..funny.

i fell asleep in my first few classes..boring..but
everytime i woke up it was time to go so i guess that's why
i thought it was shorter..

lunch seemed to last a long time..i walked around with my
friend lizzie and we talked to a few people that i hadn't
talked to since last year..
this girl evi..she used to be my bestfriend last year
until we stopped talking when she got into drugs and
this guy marc who used to be a really good guy friend of
mine..i couldn't believe i was talking to him again..he
said that it's a lot more boring now hanging out with his
new friends..that i was a lot funner..
..and then i went to go and visit people that i normally
don't talk to durring lunch..well i never talk to them
around school..mostly in band..because we're band nerds
like that..

today was a little boyfriends mum came to
drop off a paper that i needed for a guest pass for my
boyfriend for winter was funny because when i
asked her if she got a copy of his school id, she told me
that she couldn't even get an administraitor to sign..i
asked her why and she told me that he got in a fight in the
10th grade..i was like: what?!?!..and then i thought about
it and i didn't think jeremy would get in a i
looked at her and i saw her holding in a smile..i was
scared because i thought that she was telling me the truth
at first..well after that she took me to go and get shoes
for formal for my dress..and then she took me to go and get
the dress from the dry looked better..jeremy
got a tie that fits the color almost perfect but his mum
didn't think so..oh well..i hope he wears it..i have this
picture in my head of him..he looks nice..hehe

i miss lucas..haven't talked to him in a
it's sucky that he wont answer his phone.

i got another new years resolution to add to my list..go to
more shows..jeremy likes them..

well..i started writing for a reason but i can't think of
it..i had something to say but i forgot..

see what happens when you ramble on and on and on??

- *nic*