What a Life
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2002-01-14 23:48:07 (UTC)

ohhh what a day!

I had to have my friend tony drive me to school today cause
well my car is still broken!! :-( my day would have been
ALOT better if i would not have forgotten everything
important at home!!! i got to school and realized i forgot
my purse wich had all my money in it for lunch and my
medication - which is VERY important! then over top that i
forgot my essay for brittish literature on my desk!! so i
didnt have that to turn in!!! Other than all the above the
day was alright!! David was at school today i didnt ask him
out but we talked a little bit-you know haha!! like i said
b4 he and i have been friends for a while but today his
actions around me were sooo different!! WOW!! Also with the
ex boyfriend ..well i talked to him (Mark) today for a lil
bit.. while he was practicing for Football- (of course) he
was really sweet to me and he was like tell the family i
said hello especially Kristen(my sister) he asked me to give
her a big kiss for him!i dunno things are gettin wierder by
the day!! i get a day off of school tomorrow however.. i
have a doctors appointment!! bla!! i have a long weekend
ahead of me so i hope to get some of my problems figured
out!! we have sim. exams and they are not manditory if you
have a good grade in the class and no absences well i have
to take 6 on them cause i have missed 16 days of school
(due to illness) ..but that leaves me with part of thur part
of friday , sat,sun,mon,and tues off of school!! so i guess
thats a plus!! things are SLOWLY gettin better in my world! :-p

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