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Priestess Of Fire
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2002-01-14 23:01:31 (UTC)

First Day of a New Term

It's the first day of a new term and I'm tired. Not that
today was tireing, I'm just tired. I've been like that
since I got up today. Oh, well, the day was fun though. In
my first hour class, Josh is in it, so that exsplanes a
lot. Second hour's cool to, I like the teacher. 3rd hour
might get a little boring, but oh well. Josh's cousin is in
the class so it could be pretty cool. And in lunch most of
us are there. Josh, Nathen, Blair, and me. I think Tessa is
suppose to be in there, but who knows. And then there's 4th
hour. Both Blair and I have class together. Our seating
chart even has us sitting next to each other. And the
teacher is really nice. Even though he gave us homework.
Well I should get some stuff done. I still need to do my
homework and stuffs like that. *Flare walks in.*
Like you've ever worried about stuff like that.
So what? I should get it done. I don't want to start the
term off badly, now do I?
*Rolls eyes again.* What ever.
Go away.
Fine! *Flare walks out the door.*
Sometimes I really hate her.
*Yelling from the stairs.* Blame yourself, girl. I'm the
normal one remember.
You wish! Now go so I can get some work done!
When will you do any work. Knowing you all you're going
todo is play on the internet reading, and then you'll go
upstairs and watch tv, then you'll eat, watch more tv, take
a shower, and then go to bed. You'll rush around in the
morning looking for bag, run out the door, and when you get
to class finailly relize thtat you don't have ANY of your
work done, and say, "Oops!".
I am so not going todo that this term. I'm planning on
getting organized and everything. Just you watch. I'll be
getting all my work done and handed in on time. In fact I'm
shoot for all A's this time. So THERE! I AM GOING TO GET
Get going on it then.
Oh, right. Ok. I'll sign off for now.


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