Cruel Intentions
2001-04-15 07:36:15 (UTC)

A talk with Kami

u didnt tell me u told Kami u broke up with heather.. that
was almost a mistake, i mean, she said somehting about it,
and i worked it out, so i covered.. but it was close.. let
me know these things.
psycho5938: *smirks* other than stick it out with frank and
give sab a swift kick in the ass?
CherriesDFWM: *L* yup, sounds good
psycho5938: hehe
CherriesDFWM: what about emailing sab?
psycho5938: he doesn't check his email
psycho5938: at least, that's what he told me
CherriesDFWM: which email addy?
psycho5938: sabastianbufm@hotmail or whatever it is
CherriesDFWM: yeah, he dont check that one
psycho5938: does he have a diff one?
CherriesDFWM: yup
psycho5938: tell me?
CherriesDFWM: [email protected]
psycho5938: didn't they break up or something?
CherriesDFWM: *shrugs* prolly, he wont talk to me about her
psycho5938: ahkay

(regarding the email she sent u):
psycho5938: I want him to take it to heart! This is really
bothering me.. and I want him to know that
CherriesDFWM: yeah
CherriesDFWM: ok, thats good
psycho5938: kay.. and away it goes
CherriesDFWM: actually, now that u mention it.. he might
have broken up with her.. like i know they were fighting
pretty bad the toher day.. cuz he was inna shit mood, and
im like "whats wrong" and he said "heather".. but like
thats all he'll say to me about it
psycho5938: Well, now all I gotta do is wait.
psycho5938: hmm.. well, if they broke up, they broke up. If
not, well then..