I Debbie...
2002-01-14 22:03:01 (UTC)

A New Year

I didn't realize that it had been so long since I have
written. Between Christmasand the New Year and Jimmy's death
and everything else, I have been really busy. I have been
trying to catch up on my writing but seem to be immersed in
constant revision which I have come to hate. You never know
which way the paths of your life will take you, do you? This
time last year we had two cars and a mountian of debt and
Brian was in the beginning stages of telling me about the
fact he had lost his job. A full year later and we have one
car better jobs and new friends. The world has seen skylines
change as well as the deaths of people and their dreams. On
the other hand doing what as people we do best we have
overcome most obsticles that we have in whatever wway we
seem as fit. Have we grown as a country or in the more
immediate sence, as a persons ,will only be shown in the
next tragedy or terror we face. Facing our demons is
something we can only do one day at a time with God's
guidance provided we allow Him to shoulder our burdens.