No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-01-14 21:26:45 (UTC)

I blame myself

I Blame Myself

I wish I could let it all out,
To tell you how I truly feel,
But I care too much for you,
I can’t see your pain.

I blame myself for you,
For every one of your actions,
What if we had never met?
Would you still act this way?

If I didn’t,
Would you?
Can you make that decision for yourself?
Or are you another mindless follower?

I take full responsibility,
What if I would have let you scream?
What if I would have made the right choice?
What would you do if I did hit you?

I am only human,
I do mess up,
The difference is I confess.

Why do you lie to me?
How could you do that?

You try to impress,
But you’re fooling yourself,
I see right through that act,
Through the phony games.

I am washing my hands of you,
I won’t feel bad,
I won’t justify your actions,
I’m not who you are.

~Ashley Bott

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