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2002-01-14 21:26:36 (UTC)


Today started off kinda wrong with me because I woke up
late. I knew it was going to happen! Well, yesterday was
very eventful for me. I went to church and right before I
left, Jalone called me. Then when I got home from church,
Dee called me to tell me that Kellen called her to see
where I was. I went to work and had to work drive. That
sucked. But around 9-something, I had someone come through
drive and give me a hard time.....it was just Brian,
Torrie, and Donta. They came in and ate. Awww, Brian is a
cutie. Anyway, Jacan was suppose to take me home from work,
but Brian wanted to instead. I thought that was sweet. He
is so cute. We really didn't say much to each other though.
I think he wanted to talk to me, but I got out of the car
kinda fast. Crazy me. I'll probably see him tonite because
I get off at 9. I really think he likes me. As for
me.....ummm, I like him, BUT(there's always one of those) I
know I can't get too attached to him because after this
semester.....he'll be gone. He is suppose to be
transferring to somewhere else. :( I honestly don't know
what to say to him. I don't even think I want to get that
close to him. I'm gonna try to keep him at a distance.
Don't ask me how, but that's what I have to do. I don't
want him getting too close to me and I can't get too close
to him. But anyway, when I got home I called Kellen, but
the nigga hung up on me! So after about two minutes, I get
a call from Dee saying that Kellen said call him NOW! So, I
called his lil ass back and told him that he had one more
time to hang up on me and he said some bull about the phone
being messed up. SURE! But we talked for a while. He be
talking all that shit and I'm wondering if he can back it
all up. He had the nerve to ask me if I missed him.
Ummm....No, not really. I don't know how we got on the
subject of spending the nite with the opposite sex, but we
did. Okay, I don't know what he wants me to say to him, but
I know he swears up and down that I want him. Now, if
Kellen came around now....the future.....or even in the
past......Yes, I would let him sleep in the same bed with
me. BUT nothing more. He ensures me that it would be more
than that though. UMMM! Right there, I had to tell him that
I didn't feel comfortable with the conversation. Don't get
me wrong now, I like to flirt about stuff like that, but he
was going too far with it. I just told him that the
conversation was cool, but why talk about something that he
can't back up! Ya know! You can say so much shit over the
phone....in Oklahoma......but can you back all of it
up....when you are in Georgia???!!!! Hard question! That's
just the way I see it. Anyways, after I got off the phone
with Kellen, Jalone called me. The whole thing seems weird
to me though. I'm catching on to the game that I might be
involved in. Well, time has gone by so fast and I gotta get
ready to go to work. Man, I was suppose to email Kellen.(He
misses me...AWWWWWW) LOL.

Sweetie, *MS. JLYN*