i guess this is what u want to read..
2002-01-14 20:57:21 (UTC)

i think im gonna be sick

well today sucked. haha since i only went to bed last night
at like 2am i woke up LATE as crap...i had to rush to catch
the bus. when i got to school i just relized "wow rachel
you had a take home test to do"...and did you think i
did ?...no! i forgot...haha then i had to watch a gay movie
in that class..then the rest of the day was ok.ecpt for pd.
E when freaking Cody and Tiff just decided that i was
annoying and they told me this...what nice friends
eh???????? then i got home and ate some food...hahah i dont
usually eat..but today i did...hahah then i got on the
internet and started to talk with some friends..and stupid
(jk) Amy told me the worst news ever..she told me that her
and HER MAN were back together..now there is no time for
me!! NONE WHAT SO EVER!! I HOPE SHES HAPPY! hahaha..well im
gonna write again later bc im in a lot of pain...so bye bye

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