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2002-01-14 20:37:18 (UTC)

what a mess i've made...

sure we all make mistakes.. but they see me so much that
they think im immune to the pain.

It was a pretty good day. It went kinda fast, at school
and all. I wrote Richard a note and gave it to Jonathon to
give to him when he got home.. hes still sick.
Naomi wrote me a note today=) and i developed more
pictures of rachel for my project. they are really good
pictures. clea duvall is so hot. c i took matt to school
and home today and everything went pretty well. "im
playing the villian baby, just like you want." hmm.

im watching girl interrupted and crying. "youre dead
"i've wasted a year of my life. maybe everyone out there
is a liar. and maybe the whole world is stupid ignorant.
but i'd rather be in it. i'd rather be fucking in it,
then down here with you."

sarah was talking to me. i dont know why after all this
time. fucking. i cant wait to just start over.

carolines coming over to take a nap before work. so im
guna go now.

when you dont want to feel, death seems like a dream... but
seeing death, really seeing it, makes dreaming about it
fucking ridiculous.