No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-01-14 19:59:42 (UTC)

just when i think things are normal

just when i think life is normal crap happens. The one time
i am conent having a "boring" life. Now everything is
weird, i am so full of emotion towards all these people! It
isnt all bad either. I blew up at my mom sunday, i just
couldnt take it all. It really sucked, i feel as though i
am suppose to have the responsibility of a 21 year old. how
can i do that!? tricia can act however and colleen acts
like shes 3 most the time. she ALWAYS gets out of trouble.
I told my mom, everytime i screw up I feel bad about it, if
i dissapoint her i feel worse than she does, i really do. i
feel like i have to do things right, from grades to
cleaning. it was odd. some other things happened over the
weekend also, but lets just leave that be. I still need to
talk to Jess. Shallow Hal is a pretty good movie.