a little piece of me
2002-01-14 19:45:47 (UTC)

school and birds and stuff

so back to school today. such a nasty day, too. it's
windy and rainy and even snowing a little. ack. my first
class was ok, though too damn early! i know most of the
people in it (from other classes). my second class was
metals. konrad is in that class...grumble. he talked to
me after class today. seems as though he roomed with
someone from my home town (very small town, everyone knows
everyone). joy. now he'll be talking to me all the time
cause we both know the same person. i don't have class
again until 5:30, so i'm just kinda chilling.

i got some more birdies today. 2 little zebra finches
(females). i now need to come up with more wacky names for
them. i want something egyptian or african, i think.
yeah, i do. if anyone has any suggestions, please share!
they are just the cutest damn things in the world. i think
this is going to be another addiction...birds. they have a
huge cage...enough room for another one or two. when i get
some more money, i might have to get more :D

well, i guess i'm feeling a little better today. i went to
wal-mart, but resisted the urge to buy new blades. that
was tough, but i knew if i got them, i'd go crazy with
them. better to just keep them far away. i also bought a
puzzle. as corny as this sounds, i thought maybe i could
try something like that, to keep my mind occupied. i dunno
if it will help, or just frustrate me and make things
worse! we'll see i guess. ok, i think that's all for now.
sorry if i freaked you out heather. hope your doc appt
went ok. i'll talk to you soon.