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2002-01-14 19:37:20 (UTC)

mushy love song-tsunami bomb

For our first date we went to Denny's
We saw my grandma there and she said she like your spiky
I was so shy 'cause you are such a handsome guy
I liked you all that time and now you really are mine

Mushy love song sing along, but don't think I'm a wussie
Love songs can be stupid, but for you, kid, I will sing a
mush love song

We had the time; we'd watch TV and play K.I.
You are my very best friend. Your dad got a new job and then
You moved away, my car broke down on my birthday
You told me it would be all right, I had to stay the night.

But then you moved across the country
It's for the best but I'm still selfish me
And we're both sitting all alone
Now i am sitting all alone

We'll make it through 'cause you love me and i love you
Even though we're eight states apart I hold you close in my

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