The Nine Faces of Dave
2002-01-14 19:20:13 (UTC)

are you ready to be fucked man?

This day is eating shit in a big way. The sucking began in
choir, when I found out I'd have to show up for the swing
choir auditions, even though I ALREADY FUCKING DID IT. My
papers came back in English, one B , one A-, and tons of my
teacher's illegible comments. Guy needs to learn to print.

In photo, I was prevented from finishing my work because
some dickhead broke the teacher's drill bit and we couldn't
mount something. And now I'm sitting in Yearbook and can't
find the pictures I need for my spread. It's due Thursday!

So choir auditions are going to keep me around after school,
and then I have to take a metric shit-ton of pictures.
Sometime between now and real soon, I need to head down to
the local college and get my damn files for CS, unless
there's a way to log in from a remote location.

The overall condition of things bites the big one. All my
shit's getting fucked up, and time's running out for me to
finish my program. This audition is what really pisses me
off; even if I make it, I'm not sure it's a good idea to do
it. What with all our concerts being on Thursday nights at
7:00, I have a feeling that my CS class will conflict with
the whole thing. Choir isn't fun, anyway.

So there it is. This day is sucking on it. With any luck,
the evening won't suck as hard.