Psychotic Rambles
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2002-01-14 18:54:17 (UTC)

Granola Bars and Cookie Crumbs

well, now that i have officially commited social suicide
with this:

Hi, its Stephanie. i really have no idea which email you
check more frequently, but yea, i just felt like writing
you. i am really bored right now. i had nothing better to
do than to munch on ramen noodles and multigrain cheerios
today. that and bury myself in books and music, and annoy
the hell out of my parents with well....actually they hate
all of my music. blasphemous fools. j/k. nevermind. i'm
completely terrified to say this, but i really like peanut
butter....and you. whoa! did i say that (figuratively
speaking) out loud? well, there i go again, screwing up my
social life and embarrassing myself. well, i just had to go
and say that because its true, so i'm gonna go now that
i've said that..uh..bye.

Stephanie Davis

(blink182-first date)
when you smile i melt inside/im not worthy for a minute of
your time/how i wish it was only me and you/im jealous of
everybody in the room.

i am so insane.


i have decided to record every teensy detail of when i saw
him today.

i saw some people walkign towards me adn i was like no,
they arent mike..but then i saw him walking all alone and i
was like yippee! and got all giddy inside.

Me:Hi Mike
Me:so how you been?
Mike: good. you?
Mike: so where you goin?
Me:bowling alley, you?
Me:curfew or just felt like it?
Mike: felt like it. they all like left me.
Me:oh. you look like you had a rotton day.
Mike: no, not really. i had an ok day
Me:really? what did you do?
Mike: not much.

we get into this conversation about spanish and german and
how i'm german and how my old german teacher almost ran me
over and such. then i kinda walked him home and stuff.

Me: hey, you should check your email
Mike: why? did you write me something?
Mike: ok. oh, were you the one katie ryder was talking
Me: yea. hey, Jules81075!

so thats the whole scene. omg i like him so much! i hate
being cliche you know with oh, hes cute and funny and
smart. well the thing is i really dont know that much about
him and it makes him one sexxy guy. he's so mysterious and
utterly attractive and its really like playing with fire,
which makes the whole thing quite enthralling.

well, i gotta go

Happy happy skater girl!