2002-01-14 17:58:29 (UTC)

I was drunk

Thursday, January 10, 2002 - 2:28 AM

People remember us by our qualities, the qualities that
make us unique and special. They don’t remember our
accomplishments, or our goals that we achieved in this
life. Ask yourself, how will be remembered when we are

We have this one life to make a mark. When we are gone,
the only thing that will remain is who we became. Our
possessions will be divided, and the things we
accomplished will remain for only a short time. The only
thing that we can expect to last is our memories; our
qualities that defined who we were in our lives.

I think we go through life trying to achieve greatness
through possessions and accomplishments, while in truth it
is only people’s memories of us that will last. Such a
short time we have in this life to make our mark. We need
to concentrate on our qualities, rather than our goals.
Goals are merely to get us further in life, not to get us
to our destination in this life. Hold on to the people we
love, and concentrate on developing who we are, not where
we are.

My belated New Year’s resolution is to do just that.
Develop who I am based upon how I will be remembered. I
am going to achieve my goals in life to help me get to a
point where I can concentrate on living my life to it’s
fullest. The sooner I can achieve that, the sooner I can
live life. Instead of finding that comfortable place in
my life, I am going to work very hard to achieve my

I jumped out of a plane from 12,000 feet in the air,
falling at 120 miles per hour for about 10 seconds, before
pulling my shoot and landing on the ground unharmed 7
minutes later. If I can do that twice, I can make my
business what I want it to be. I can work hard to achieve
financial freedom. It is then; I can concentrate on
living my life. I can give back, I can care for others,
and I can develop those qualities that I will be
remembered by when god chooses to bring me home.

I am going to pay closer attention to the lives people
have lived. I am going to listen to those who have lived
a full life, and I am going to strive to avoid the
mistakes that they made. I am going to hold the people in
my life closer, because they may not always be there. I
am going to appreciate every moment in my life, weather it
be good or bad. I am going to wake up every morning, with
the attitude that the day is going to be what I make of
it. I am going to take more chances, and I am going to
work harder. No more lazy days. I am going to live my
life knowing the possibility that it may be my last day.
I am going be more assertive, and never regret later
something I should have done, but didn’t. I am going to
speak my mind, and I am not going to hold anything back.
I am going to develop relationships with people, without
fear. I am going to approach everything with an open
mind. I am going to dodge negativity, or at least choose
to ignore it. Every day is going to be a good day.

And if I happen to forget these new guidelines for living
life, then I am going to refer back to this.

Good night and god bless you.