Soap Opera: the life of a slutty teen
2000-11-26 02:30:38 (UTC)

Wow, ok so its been a while huh..

Wow, ok so its been a while huh like oh lets see 21/2 weeks
or something, fun stuff. It was Thanksgiving, my favorite
day, my parents were home, and my grandma came and all my
aunts and uncles, it was fun, and Brad and his parents and
little sister came, so yea jake is long gone, i have pretty
much changed my way of life since the last time i wrote,
lets catch up. I dropped the whole porn career thing,
altho the pics were hot, they got around school and mr.
jacobs found them, thats gotta be bad, oh well he didnt
turn us in, probably kept them for himself... gross!!! So
yea anyway, My parents are out of town again, california as
usual. I didnt tell you this last time, but i am/was kinda
a druggie, but i have now been clean for 2 months tomorrow,
brad is taking me out to celebrate, i am not even missing
it! well i still drink, but lightly on occasion. So yea
thats me, and i am not trashy any more really, i mean i got
a whole new wardrobe, sophisticated stuff, skany
sophistocate... gotta have some fun, and flaunt what i
have! i gotta DATE... peace out, i will write soon... peace
out, love, peace and ROCK and ROLL! ~*CARRIE*~

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