My life
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2002-01-14 15:36:40 (UTC)

Jsut woke up

I just woke up and i remember that i didnt have any school
today. So im like yea! My lil sis is still sleeping.
Thank god and it is only 9:32AM!!! I have never been up
this early before unless it was a school day. So instead
of sleeping some more i came online to write in this
thing. but before i did i was looking at others and i
found this really cool one. I ahve no clue what his name
is but i ended up adding him to my msn. Dont say dumb girl
cuz i aint. I need more friends. Last nite i was talking
to cj and he rad my diary entry and he told me that he
thought i was beautiful. Im not sure what to think right
now! Well thats all for now. Talk to yall later. NOTE:
eric is suppose to come home today around 12! im sooooooooo
happy i think