Visions Of Life
2002-01-14 14:10:42 (UTC)

The Joys Of The Internet...

Utah In 3 Days!! Yay!!

Damn.. most of the residents at my work are sick.. ive been
downing eucalyptus and peppermint tea like mad. Its good for
the immune system. You should try it sometime..

Still not depressed.. I am angry at myself tho.. I do not
like myself. I wish I had some kind of talent but alas I
dont. Ah well..

Relationship Status:

I Would Rather Have A Friend Then A Lover.. Just Someone To
Talk To. Someone Who Cares About Me..

The Joys Of The Internet

As much as I kid around about wanting to only be with goths,
I am partially kidding. With love, it doesnt matter what
they are like on the outside, it matters whats in their
heart. Thats why i like the internet.You can chat with
people.. even fall in love with people without being
sidetracked by appearance.. I mean, of course some people
are fake but its usually easy 2 pick those frauds out..
Okay.. how many times have you been somewhere and passed up
a girl/guy because they didnt fit your physical standards..
What if that was your soul mate but you were too shallow to
go up and say hi.. Now Im rambling.. damn.. hopefully my
point came across.. lol.. im going to bed.. ill rearange my
thoughts later..