De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2002-01-14 13:04:19 (UTC)

Darn Crash

Monday 14/1/02

My computer crashed today mysteriously, damm...spent so
much time tryin to reinstall Windows and all the other
applications...helluva frustrating...

Mami came by to visit yesterday, we had a nice chat, she's
doin well in her work and is also plannin to visit
singapore next year for a wedding..coolz... : )

so many computers crashed today..weird..luke's PC has been
acting weird he was tweaking it when i brought my
laptop down to do some network stuff...then his parents
called to inform him their home PC has crashed...
hahahahah..fuckin weird.... peter is lookin less glum then
b4 when he came back..kindof chirpy actually, so that's
good...both the brothers are givin up their temp jobs for
new stuff....and nai's still lookin really tired from her
restaurant job...sheesh... work's not easy eh... will be
catchin up with david tomoro for lunch, that guy has been
slackin at home for so long..wonder what he's up to...

still feelin frustrated..although i manaaged to get the
system up in the end... still lots of tweakin to