Skuz9c1's Thoughts
2002-01-14 13:03:22 (UTC)

This Is What Its Like When Worlds Collide.........

Id like to start off by giving a shoutout to the following
people: Kelly. Thats it, sup Kels, hope everything is good.

Werk was the shit today. Got on the scale and i lost 5
pounds this weekend, i dunno how, eating a large pizza in
one sitting and getting no exercise, weird shit. um, got
cussed at by a truck driver. had hot dogs and Munchers
(potatos in meatball form) very very good lunch, and it
cost me $1.75, so ha. But i figured i got 32 more werk
hours and i get paid, fuck yea, this weekend should be
stoked, gotta check out this car and that'll be it.

Selling my truck, $1100, first cum, first serve, email me
for details, or you know my AIM: SkuzVayne9c1, drop me a
line. BTW, Kelly Blue Book value is $1800, so thats a deal.

but id like to be serious now, DOES ANYONE IN THIS WORLD
HAVE A FETISH OF GIRLS PISSING? seriously, that is just
sick, people who have Butt Fetishes..... do you know what
comes out of a butt? serious. i remember ARCHIE in the 10th
grade, he wanted to butt fuck a girl in our class, he said
he prolly get shit all over his dick, it was hilarious. Me,
all i need is a set of tits and a pussy, thats all that
matters. Im like Andrew Dice Clay, thanks to G for sending
me that MP3, funny, Dice Said: "Two tits, a hole, and a
heartbeat, thats all i need." and hes right

"This is "Fear", and when this shit kicks in, i dont give a
shit about these motherfucking seats, i wanna see each and
everyone of you, front to back, left to right, up top to
down low, JUMP THE FUCK UP!!" - Disturbed rules live and
you dont, fucking deal.

Okay, this shit is getting long and its time for bed, at
8am, 3rd shift rules and you dont, fucking deal. heh,
repeat, later

Current Muzic - Staind - Its Been A While

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