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2002-01-14 09:16:58 (UTC)

Such a sexy voice...

My baby called me, it was sooo good to hear his voice...

OOOF! Loooove...LOOOOVE...love has hit me like a thud in
the stomach!
-from the marzipan pig

He told me he was going to draw me a picture of what I told
him the other day...here is the email I sent:

Don't go back on the ship once you get off...you can
stay in California for awhile, then take a plane back.
Or maybe I'll come to you, but either way...we can go
build a little cabin in the woods. We'll make a fire
every night, and we'll snuggle up next to it drinking
hot chocolate. We'll take turns making each other
breakfast...we'll have a loft and a tiny hairless cat.
Our cabin will be surrounded by a tall forest, but we
can build a fort at the top so we can lay down and see
all the stars at night and feel the breeze. We'll have
a tire swing, and we can swing on it together, with me
on your lap facing you. There will be a lake out
front, and we'll go swimming and drifting in our row
boat all day. We'll make a small clearing behind our
cabin and have a garden, and a little orchard of fruit

So he's in San Diego now. He's going to stay there for
about four days, then go off to sea until like the eighth
of February, in San Diego again through the eleventh, and
then (finally) he will be headed home to me.
It kind of bothers me though...ya know how we were going to
go ice skating, well he invited Jack and some girl he's
been seeing to come with us. Josh does that sometimes, just
invites people in when we had plans, without asking me. I
don't want to say anything, but if it continues happening a
lot I will. And honestly...I don't know how it will be
seeing Jack with a girl. I know, I know thats awful and
stupid, but I'm just not sure.
But the main thing is that I miss Josh so much, and he
misses me like crazy too, and neither of us can wait until
he's back and we can be together.
Oh, and that bastard! He smoked right before he called me!
It makes me want to smoke so bad...I'm trying not to go to
the store and pick some up...

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