poisoned darkness
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2002-01-14 07:28:30 (UTC)

commitment or no commitment

i hate that word with a burning passion. i want my love
back. i'd think after six weeks of vehemently telling
myself that i didn't, couldn't love him anymore, that would
have had some affect on my reaction to talking to him.
nope. nothing what so ever. i'm still madly in love with
him. and i'm so damn confused. we hurt eachother horribly
in the past and its not really a new beginning, but it is.
AAAHHH! and he sent me the most beautiful poem. that
right there was enough to melt any hostility. but it comes
back. and i'm not sure if i'm trying to stay bitter.
right now it seems like alot of needless work on all
parts. but its 2:30 and i have class tomorrow. YEHA!!
time to go try to fix my incompletes.

Mood: Con-fucking-fused.
Music: Tom Petty: "Mary jane's last dance."
Read: Bob's poetry.