Life's Secrets
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2002-01-14 06:03:38 (UTC)

love is confussing... need help

January 14, 2002 12:03a

Sometimes i wonder about my future... i try not to...
because it only makes me even more depressed. i
care about jasmine alot... i love her so much... i wanna
marry her, but i don't know if i want her to marry me... i'm
hoping she reads this because i don't know how to tell
her... we already say we are married and i love that... i
really want to marry this girl... but considering our
situation i'm not sure if i'm the best one for her... her
not being in a relationship before makes me wonder if
i'm really want she wants... if she reads this i hope she
doesn't take it in the wrong way... i love her with all my
heart and always will... i want her to expercience life but
i don't want to let her go...

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