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2002-01-14 05:45:50 (UTC)

I broke up with KEITH! YAY

Guess what! I broke up with Keith. Isn't that great. Ya I
am totally relieved. He just made me so angry all te time
and he didn't even elive it. Well the straw that broke the
camels back was..Today he called m and asked what I was
doin "nothing" so we decided we'd do something. He told me
he had to go home real quick and help his mom with
something bu he'd call when he was done. Hours later I call
him up and he was all out of breathe..omg he was having sex
with MEAGAN!!! no i'm just kidding he was playing
basketball...well atleast thats what he told me. I was
completly furious.I mean I'm not the type of person to get
angry but he does that shit all the time we make plans and
he NEVER calls. I wait around ALL day and then call him and
he's busy chilln with some1 else. So iwnt with him and
WATCHED him play pool (sucked). On the way home I broke up
with him. It was great. I am so happy i am finally free of
his bull shit!! ugh! any way i just thought i'd keep u up
dated. Im sooooo happy! Oh I start school at wellington
tues. an i have court tomorrow...nothing big I just wrecked
a tight car and left the accident. Well gotta go.