Dreamscape 2: Waking
2002-01-14 05:34:59 (UTC)

Restless in my dorm room

I am quite surprised by everone's social efficiency coming
back to school. It seems as though most of the people who
I really don;t want to be talking to, are avoiding me, and
those who I am looking to hang with are looking for the

Tommorrow classes start, I have some notebooks and stuff.

Dr. Elliss says I'm right about something but he won;t tell
me what, I thnk he is attempting to ego stroke, if so its

It looks like my roommate and I will be getting along much
better this semester, we both seem to be trying pretty hard
not to be a dick to the other.

Stuffed crust pizza, hella good.

Punk Covers, they make me whole...

Let's see how class leaves me tommorrow...