Nick's Journal
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2002-01-14 05:26:09 (UTC)

The new movie genre and how our lives are becoming like it.

I don't know if you've noticed but it seems like movies
and t.v. shows have fallen into a new genre. I have
categorized this genre as "we're gonna try to suck so
badly that it'll be funny" genre. freddy got fingered,
dude where's my car, and numerous other shitty movies fall
into this category. they can't even be called movies.
they are out there fore the soul purpose of profiting of
their shittiness. thye thrive on horrible reviews. and
the thing with these movies is that you don't expect them
to be good. so it's not like you're surprised you wasted
your money. that's what's so brilliant. you don't feel
cheated. it's like going to the special olympics for
entertainment. you know that it's gonna be a bunch
contestants falling on their asses, and that's what's so
funny. see you don't expect to be entertained by some
great athletic display. you expect to be entertained by
the shittiness of the performance.
now life is the same way it seems. we amuse ourselves
with how shitty we do sometimes, and how horrendously
other people fare. we are no longer impressed by
longwinded intellectual farces, what we want are some guys
who will fart in a horses face and then throw themselves
12 stories, as is evidenced by the success of
jackass......and don't even get me started on tom green,
he's the messiah of the whole 'revolution'.
but anyhow as long as you set the standards low enough not
only will you not worry about failing but you might even
amuse yourself in the process.let me give you an example
from my life. when i wake up in the mornings i look at my
clock. will it to blow up, and then when it doesn't i
smash it as hard as possible. i proceed to get out of
bed, roll into the shower, roll out of the shower. throw
on clothes. meander through a lecture, and then go back
here. not only have i done nothing by doing everything i
am entertained by my non-commital apathetic outlook on
life. if i don't set any goals, and just wander back, i
am tickled not only by the butterfly that flies around my
head but also my complete disinterest in life. i think to
myself "god damn, i have been up for 3 hours and i could
just as well have slept". that's funny. hahahaha.
another example. i think that it's funny when i picture a
guinea pig saunter around. that's not funny! it's just
not! but i laugh so hard that i need to change into the
new boxers my mom got me for christmas. that's low humor,
it's only funny because it is rock bottom.
so there you have it. atleast from my point of view we
are not only content with our "this is as bad as it can
get" genre, but we are also oddly amused by it. i mean
the whole thinking isn't anything new. you know we always
watch a guy in a wheel chair trying to get into his car,
and we're amused by the extraneous effort he exerts, and
then we quickly pull the wheel chair from under him and
drive off with his car............well most people do
that. we are fascinated by the inept as long as they are
not in our way. however if we all become the inept, we're
gonna have one fucking big ass road block.