J's Journal
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2002-01-14 05:24:59 (UTC)

my boy friend Kevin

Right now you are too far for me to reach.
Not in heart, but in distance.
For, in my heart, you are closer to me then the very breath
I breathe.
I know that with every moment you are gone,
The time is closer.
The time when I will see you.
Hold you.
Tell you everything that my heart has wanted me to say.
Cry with you.
Thank you.
Love you.
All the moments in my life are building up for one.
That one.
The only one that matters.
That moment when I know you are mine.
I see it in your eyes,
Feel it in your touch, and
Taste it in your kiss.
That one moment in each of our lives,
when forever is revealed with one single smile....