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2002-01-14 05:16:56 (UTC)

Tears of unwant

I hate this! How can life be so cruel? I just found out
that my really good friend (although only on the internet
he is like a brother to me...and I have helped him out a
lot and he has helped me a lot) has a degenerative bone
disease. Apparently the doctors said it is only! I can't bare my friend being in pain.
By the way that disease is were your bones are weak...and
it's hard to move them sometimes. He has thrown out his
shoulder so many times...dislocated things. Why him?! I
often ask those kind of questions. The tears keep coming
though...the tears knowing that he is in so much pain. I
would gladly take all of his burdens just to know he has
none...I do that a lot...I try to take other's pain. I
hate to see people like that, I always cry for I
weak and pathetic? I might be...but truely...I don't
care. He is like a brother...and he is in pain. Pain that
I can't stop! I wish I could...sometimes...I can sense
people's emotions...I can feel all the pain behind the
words he types. It kills me slowly, like a dagger made of
tears, so fine and fragile...And it kills me how he blames
himself for it, how he beats himself down. This isn't
fair, all of my friends always are the ones in pain.
Always! I just don't want them to hurt...I don't...this
dagger is digging deeper into me, sometimes I think I cause
myself depression from taking others pain onto myself.
Maybe I am, as long as they're happy...I'm happy. On the

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