Book of Shadow and Light
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2002-01-14 05:06:50 (UTC)

Yay! A new Week! and Mists of Avalon is great!

Heya, How goes it?

Ah, dun you just love Monday's? Pheh! You're right! No
one does. I certainly don't. It's 10:45 P.M and I'm
already feeling the crappiness that will come with the fast
approaching Monday. Ah, well. Monday may suck in some ways,
but at least it has one good point. Monday is a day that I
can screw up as much as I want and still have some chances
to fix it all through out the week. Isn't it great to have
a goal or three?

Anyway, on to more joyful things. I am now in the
middle(well, a bit over 1 tenth of the way) of reading
Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Over the years
I've always heard great things about this woman. Especially
during the year of '99 in which she passed on. Even after
hearing great things about the woman and her writings I
never did, for some reason, pick up a single copy of Mists
of Avalon, or one of the sequels tho this great work of
literature.(Oh, how I wish I had done so earlier.) Ms.
Zimmer wove in Mists of Avalon a wonderful tale, detailing
the works of the females that basically brought King Arthur
to his throne.

Marion Zimmer Bradley was, her self, a pagan and
masterfully portrays the pagans of Arthurian days. Most
famous of these would likely be Morgain and Merlin. I can't
begin to explain how much I have enjoyed the detail that
she has put into the book. It's simply marvelous.

From what I've read of this book Ms. Zimmer wrote a
marvelous book and has told us a story many know, but in a
very different light. I can't wait to finish the book.
(Should be soon, unless something comes up that stops me
from reading as much as I would wish.)

I would loved to have made my review more detailed,
but as I am perhaps one-hundred pages into the book I am un
able. I will probably write again on this book. So expect
more comments!

I felt the need to write something! It looks like I've
done that. It took up time that I may have simply wasted
and I am relieved that I actually did something with it.
Heheh. Well, Good Night and Happy Mondays!

Good Night and Goddess Bless
James (Drinin)

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