The Basement
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2002-01-14 05:04:04 (UTC)

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sorry 'bout dat. I didn't feel lyke putting in an entry cuz
its been boring fo da past few weeks. Nuthin much. Me and J
dun talk to eachother much no mo. Her fam now owns a
business and she hafta work dere. I miss her.....I miss her
voice... damnit!
I LUV HER!! arrghhh... i'm becomin paranoid dat J dun lyke
meeh no mo. I mean, if we do seperate, how am i suppose to
go on?!? If i do end up in another relationship, nuthin
will be perfect. Everything will remynd meeh of J. I'll
prob end up comparing da two... shiet... I need J... but i
kno dat she's too good fo meeh. I bet she can have nebody
she wants.She's just so...perfect...

i'mma sneak to a rave on saturday... I'm gonna lie sayin
dat i'm sleepin over at someones house and sneak to mah
other friends house. Mah friend dun lyke her cuz she's
korean...said she's an bad influence. But i dun care. We r
gonna pay some guy we dun kno ta give us a ryde... all we
need ish a ryde bak. wat a stupid name fo a rave...
EQUALITY oOoOoOoOoOo...i think da naughty or nyce one
sounded betta although peepz said it was hella gay. lots o
white ppl i heard.EQUALITY ish gonna start at lyke 9:30
till 6 in da morning. dats tyte...lotsa DJ's too i heard.

Dis one gurl tried to hit on meeh...she admitted it dat
she's bi... She said dat if mah gurl isn't giving meeh
enough, she'll give it to meeh... I declined da offer... I
promised J i'll stay loyal and I will. Even if we dun meet
fo another 5-10 years. I dun care. I'm not about to break a
promise to mah angel just fo sex.I care about J too much to
even think 'bout such an offer. it's gross. okey...enouf
wit dat stuff....
sooo bored...J's no longer online as much... myte as well
log off.