What's up now?
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2002-01-14 04:45:17 (UTC)

Another weekend, gone...

So it's sunday night...I just got home from seeing Kate and
Leopold with the was a pretty okay movie...I
dont really know how I feel about it, I only paid 2 dollars
though, and I'd have to say it was worth the 2 dollars.
But this weekend was pretty damn good!!! Friday
we didnt really do much, but yesterday was pretty fun! We
had no plans as of dinner and really had planned on just
sitting around...but then dinner came and we got invited to
go to the Beta house for one of their amazing
parties...except last night didnt really turn out to be one
of them. But anyways, erin, rachel and I got ready and
went to the house...but after like and hr we decided maybe
we'd leave and maybe come back later...but when we got
home, we had a little more to drink and a few more people
came over, and we decided our party at home was better than
the one at the Beta to be posted later :)
yeah so it was a rockin good time!! We finally rolled the
night to an end around 3ish even though I knew I had to get
up and be to work at 6:45....I worked till 11 and then
slept the day away till 4...ahh it was pretty
nice...anyways...I'm off to dreamland...I have a long week
ahead of me...sweet dreams!