Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-01-14 04:25:10 (UTC)

Porbre Anna

Today was just one of those where you feel sorry for
yourself, and you are like on the edge of depression. My
cough hasn't gone away, and I've had a headache all day. I
get back from this thing I had to go to tonight, and my
parents jump down my throat about my "attitude problem."
I'm just having a bad day, Jeez! Course when I said, I
just wasn't feeling well, and it was just kinda a bad day.
We had to talk about it, and 'work things out'... Well,
nothing changed, I played the good little daughter, but I'm
still depressed. My blood sugar level is low, which
doesn't help. And I didn't do my algebra review packet for
the test, so I'll get crap from Ms. Wiesse about setting an
example to the other students. So grrr *shakes her fist*,
to the whole damn world today! And not to mention the fact
I cut my finger (pretty well, if I don't say so myself)
while I was cutting cheese today, so it hurts, and you
know, my overall attitude just bites.
I keep putting off to replying to this guys e-mail. I've
only been talking to him for a few weeks, and he's a very,
unique person. And in my last e-mail I said I wanted to go
to Europe and Egypt and stuff, before I died. So, he
replies and says he'll pay for me to go with him to
England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Greece
next year. He doesn't even know me! Not to mention the
small little fact, I'm only 16, and I don't know a hellova
a lot about him. Not enough to leave the country for 3
months and stay with him! Jeez, just another random,
thought. Older guys are the only guys that seem to say
interested in me. Todd, who had a freaky foot fetish still
wants me to use that web cam he sent me. And now, Lee (the
wanna go travel the world with me guy?) who's 25, and says
I'm the only girl who can relate to him. Good grief, why
does the world have to be so fucked up sometimes? I mean,
the only guy who will hold my hand in the hall or grab my
ass, is the should be gay cheerleader. Go figure... And
the first person that asks me out here, is a lesbian. Its
a sick sad world folks and I'm looking forward to leaving
it. But until then I'm stuck, so I'm going to do my
damnedest to make it worth my while.
I haven't looked to see who won at San Diego yet... I hope
it wasn't Ricky, no offense, and I hope Travis at least
finished in the top ten. I was hoping ABC would show it
today, since they showed Anaheim last week, but no. I yet
again get to wait to see the race a week after the fact.
At least I get to see it at all, maybe next week I'll
listen to the real time radio broadcast, or something. RC
is really amusing to watch ride. Not only is he really
talented, but he's so short he looks like a little kid, is
so cute :p My dad somehow gets RC and MC confused, you can
definitely tell he doesn't watch Supercross that often...
Oh well, at least he knows not to talk to me while I watch
the main event.
Well, I'll get off and take my shower now. I have nothing
better to do, and no one is online, so... Maybe, just
maybe, something really good will happen tomorrow and I'll
dig myself outta my lame ass depression. But I doubt
anything will, but you never know...

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