Intrigueing diary title
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2001-04-14 23:53:14 (UTC)

Poetry from the sick mind of ritchie shamelessly plagiarised by Des

hickory dickory dock
the mouse ran up the clock
the clock struck one
and the unnecessary vibrations made the poor mouse fall,
breaking his back on the floor, leaving him defenceless
to the manic slashing attack of the tomcat. the tragic
mouses screams could be heard all around the house

Oh my God I'm watching a musical with Woodie Allen in it
could I sink any lower(leans back and chooses CD from
extensive Celine Dion collection)I mean how sad can you get
(shakes his head and moves over to the Ricky martin
compilation tape contained within a box made entirely from
Britney spears rubbish(don't ask me I just write this stuff
I don't live it))
I had a great day today wandering around town with my
girlfriend Does anyone else find you have the most fun when
you don't organise too much.
I put this shit in because someone said I should be more
Ah this sucks. huh honesty it kills more people than it
saves (sorry Steve)
I would just like to thank Odelayme17 for the info on the
woodchucks and the question about the box.
And just to save my sanity(licks envelope in incredibly
perverted manner while stroking a life size effigy of Donny
Osmond) also provided the answer which is :
Disappointment is what is hidden in an empty box I mean how
profound is that I mean like wow tripping dude
Right I think I should finish up now as the sheer length
and lack of punctuation and paragraphs in this page will no
doubt conspire to it not being read(home audience makes
handbags out ooing noise)

(Des collapses on the floor apparently dead and then his
face begins to change and he stands up looking completely
different flashes a wry smile at the camera steps into an
old phone box which dissapears with crap special effects
while the doctor WHO theme is hummed very badly over the top)

p.s I think I'll give up on the cadbury's milk tray front
however in my endless quest for knowledge I would like to
know what the hell is a butterfinger I know its some kind
of confectionary but what does it taste/look like please
write in I never have anything to talk about at parties