mark my words
2002-01-14 03:34:13 (UTC)

i had a fun weekend overall...

Last night was a lot of fun for me! Me, Sarah, Hale, and
KE went to the mall and chilled there for a while, then
Sarah, me, and Hale slept at Sarah's. The cool thing about
Sarah's is that her parents are potheads, as are her
brothers and live-in cousin, so you can do whatever you
want in the house and nobody cares! It's awesome!
So at 12:30 AM we decided we absolutely had to smoke up.
Only problem? We had no weed. After trying to buy some
from her mom and cousin (neither had any) Sarah was
like "Wait, I haven't scraped my bowl in like a year!"
Instantly, we were hard at work scraping Sarah's bowl. In
a half hour, we had a quarter-sized pile of resin,
sprinkled with little bits of shake and a couple nice
stems. The blacklights went on, Pink Floyd was played, the
bowl was packed, and we got extremely high. All just
sitting on Sarah's bed, no fear of getting caught. It was
awesome. We also danced...I love dancing when I'm's so much fun.
That's basically what went on last night.
I might see Tom on Friday, I'm not sure though, depends on
if his ride works out...
Okay I'm exhausted